A representative of Consulate General of Turkey visited CEATEC Shanghai Office to discuss about cooperation

发布日期:2020-12-30 15:26
25th December, Murat KOCABAS, Commercial Attached of Consulate General of Turkey Office of the Commercial Attached visited CEATEC Shanghai Office. Ting MENG, CEATEC Shanghai Office Deputy Director and PR Department Director, and Chong XU, Assistant of Vice President welcomed him warmly. 

Both Parties shared and summarized the last year experience during the meeting. Turkey’s international trading (such as nuts, dried fruits and textiles etc.) is well-developed. Additionally, Turkey also has a solid foundation for the development in tourism industry (including medical and health protection tourism) and practical application of software technology. CEATEC Shanghai Office as the official platform mainly focuses on the international trade, investment and industry cooperation between the Yangtze River Delta and Europe. Thus, we are looking forward to cooperate with Turkey in international trade and tourism industry in the future, and both sides agreed that tourism could be the potential market to develop after the epidemic.

On the basis of tourism cooperation, the both sides discussed to organize an event to promote the economic development and cooperation between China and Turkey.