CEATEC Delegation visited the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Shanghai

发布日期:2020-12-10 15:52
On the 3rd December, CEATEC Shanghai Office Deputy Director and PR Department Director Ting MENG, and Assistant of Vice President Chong XU visited Consulate General of The Russian Federation in Shanghai. CEATECDelegation received warm welcome from Deputy Consul General Ernst Yurkin, Consul for Science and Technology Oleg Azarov, Trade Mission of The Russian Federation in The People’s Republic of China Shanghai Branch Expert Vadim Dolgopolov and Consultant Anton Kruglov.

Chong XU gave a brief introduction of CEATEC, Ting MENG introduced business projects of CEATEC European Department in Balkans, especially CEATEC assisted local agricultural products and foods to explore Chinese market. Mr Yurkin said a variety of industries and products could be exported to China from Russian Federation, which depends on Chinese market needs. Additionally, suppliers form Russian Federation prefers to looking for agents or distributors in China to sale agriculture and food products. In the other hand, due to the mineral demand from CEATEC VIP Member, we suggest to arrange an online and offline meeting during the epidemic situation for both China and Russian company. Mr Yurkin agreed that an online and offline meeting is an opportunity for companies to build connection and promote their production.

We, CEATEC kindly invite Deputy Consul General Yurkin to visit our Shanghai Office. After collecting and summarizing both sides project information, a further discussion about how to promote both sides products could be held, and both sides are looking forward to the future cooperation.