Chairman of BIH Council of Minister and Current Prime Minister met with CEATEC BIH Office delegation

发布日期:2020-10-16 13:49
8th October, Director Hui CHEN, CEO of International Affairs Dragan CIGOJA,  Vice Director Ting MENG and our partner Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey&Design Academe visited Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter referred to as “BIH”) Sarajevo Minister President, Prime Minister Office. Chairman of BIH Council of Minister and Current Prime Minister Zoran Tegeltija received the delegation of our CEATEC BIH office, and expressed the great appreciation for the brave and retrograde work during the epidemic period.

During the meeting, Chairman Tegeltija and Director Hui CHEN discussed how to connect and promote the cooperation between BIH and NR Chinese commercial partners. Chairman Tegeltija emphasized that due to the cooperation with Chinese companies, BIH companies could improve their knowledge and make sure to access to new technology and markets, which could significantly improve the BIH business. Director Hui CHEN expressed her gratitude to Chairman Tegeltija for his support and concern. In order to promote China and BIH cooperation, we, CEATEC has set up the BIH office to create a good platform for future investment opportunities.

Subsequently, the representative of Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey&Design Academe gave a brief introduction of their company and project plan to Chairman Tegeltija, and had a discussion with local company. Vice Director Ting MENG introduced investment opportunities in BIH such as mining, education and sport industries, and said there are more investment opportunities in other industries. Deputy Director of International Trade Xuyang ZHANG mentioned how to introduce BIH high-quality food, agricultural products and other products ans services to Chinese market.

Finally, Chairman Tegeltija once again thanked our office for its contribution to the reconstruction of BIH during the epidemic period, and showed great support for our BIH office work. It is a bridge which could provide future cooperation between China and BIH, and it is good for the Chinese companies land in BIH. Director Hui CHEN invited Chairman Tegeltija to our BIH office after the meeting.

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