Visited BIH KLAS d.d., assist to explore Chinese market

发布日期:2020-09-18 15:28
15th September, CEO of International Affairs Dragan CIGOJA and Vice Director Ting MENG and Mr.Armin Trhulj、Mr.Vlado Kerleta、Mr.Nikola Kerleta who is our Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina partners (hereinafter referred to as“BIH”) visited KLAS d.d company, the representatives Mr.Vedad Halilovic and Mr. Haris Skiljo welcomed warmly.

KLAS d.d. belongs to AS HOLDING, and there are 17 member companies in AS HOLDING. AS HOLDING is one of the largest food manufacturers in Europe, which is mainly focus on food, textile retail business and has more than 3,500 products ( Klas Flour Golden Powder, Tops Biscuit, Vegafruit pickles etc.).

CEO of International Affairs Dragan CIGOJA and BIH partner gave a brief introduction of our association. Meanwhile, Vice Director Ting MENG introduced that we are one of the organizer of CIIE, we could assist to attend the exhibition and explore the market. Mr.Vedad Halilovic, representative of KLAS d.d. raised questions about CIIE, and mentioned that KLAS d.d. currently has no business with China, he hopes that our association could assist them to develop Chinese market. Ting MENG suggested that importing cost-effective packing material is a good way to reduce the cost and develop Chinese market.

It is the first time to meet with each other and a good beginning of further cooperation. Recently, CEATEC would like to invite KLAS d.d. to visit our BIH office for the further discussion. CEATEC insists to assist KLAS d.d. to develop Chinese market and promote the further development of China and BIH economy. Deputy Director of the International Trade Department Xuyang ZHANG and Deputy Director of BIH office Xiaoliang YANG attended the meeting as well.