First meeting with our partner Serbia and BIH teams, promoted a close connection with Serbia and BIH

发布日期:2020-09-18 14:14
14th September, Erdal Trhulj、Armin Trhulj、Vlado Kerleta、 Nikola Kerleta, our Serbia partner came to CEATEC Bosina and Herzegovina office (hereinafter referred to as“BIH”). Director Hui CHEN, CEO of International Affairs Dragan CIGOJA and Vice Director Ting MENG welcomed them warmly.

CEO of International Affairs Dragan CIGOJA and BIH partner gave a brief introduction of each team. Meanwhile, both sides were interested in Balkan Peninsula construction project, service and goods and discussed about potential cooperation in the further. Subsequently, Vice Director Ting MENG introduced that we are one of the organizer of CIIE, we could assist companies (construction, energy, Environmental protection and trading etc.) in Balkan Peninsula to attend the exhibition and other supports.

Director Hui CHEN emphasized the service and importance of our association in the Yangtze River Delta. She mentioned the possibility of introducing professional talents and cooperation projects (construction, energy, Environmental protection etc.). At the same time, both sides discussed about current and future cooperation projects.

Both sides discussed about not only the big projects but also the trading, and will have further meeting in the future. It is a beginning of the cooperation between BIH and Serbia team and our association, and both sides are looking forward to cooperating.