To facilitate Bosnia and Herzegovina Environmental protection projects, CEATEC and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina has achieved the initial cooperation

发布日期:2020-09-02 13:20
On the 28th August, President Hui CHEN and Vice President Dragan Cigoja visited the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter referred to as “METBIH”), Edite Đapo, Minister of METBIH welcomed us warmly.

President Hui CHEN and Minister Edite Đapo had a discussion about Environmental protection project and mainly focus on the environmental protection problems and solutions. We, CEATEC is interested in participating in environmental protection projects in BIH and will actively assist Chinese enterprises to cooperate closely with BIH. Finally, CEATEC and METBIH achieved the initial cooperation intention in environmental protection projects.

It is significant for China and BIH to promote the environmental protection projects and economy. We, CEATEC also continues to make positive contributions to the development of friendly relations.