The Deputy General Manager of Overseas Business Unit of Huandong Engineering Corporation visited our association to discuss about project cooperation

发布日期:2020-07-07 17:26
On 16th June, Guolun HONG (Chief Consultant of Zhejiang International Contractors Association), Yun HE (Secretary-General of Zhejiang International Contractors Association), and Xiaojie LIU (Deputy General Manager of Overseas Business Unit of POWERCHINA HUADONG Engineering Corporation Limited ("HDEC")) visited our association. Our President Hui CHEN, Secretary-General Haofang ZHAO and our Project Adviser Jianjun LIU warmly welcomed them.

HDEC is a top affiliated enterprise of POWERCHINA, with a core competence of infrastructure, new energy and water oriented projects. HDEC main business contains Hydropower & New Energy, Urban & Rural Construction,and Ecology & Environment, covering the whole-process services including project planning, identification, project set-up, investment & financing, survey & design, construction, operation and management. With their extensive and proven experience, they provide dynamic, smart, and effective solutions to a multitude of complex technical challenges worldwide.

At the meeting, Xiaojie LIU gave a brief introduction of HDEC and their Hydropower & New Energy key projects (Xin'anjiang Hydropower Station, Huaneng Rudong Offshore Wind Farm, etc.). Hui CHEN introduced the team members and responsibility , Project background and the current national infrastructure construction projects of the Belt and Road Initiatives countries. HEDC showed great interest in our overseas projects. This meeting is a good start for the cooperation between the two sides, which will help Chinese companies explore the European market and promote cooperation in the Belt and Road projects.