Cooperate with Guizhou Bridge to explore opportunity of infrastructure projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

发布日期:2020-06-05 09:52
On 28th May, Guijing Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Guizhou Bridge") Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Chairman, and General Manager Jinggui TIAN, General Manager Assistant Xiaoyun WANG visited our office, Chairman Chen Hui, Secretary Zhao Haofang and the representatives of the member companies warmly welcomed them.  

Guizhou Bridge is the first state-owned enterprise in Guizhou Province to have the national highway Engineering Procurement Construction special qualification. It covers the entire construction chain of transportation, construction, management and maintenance, engaged in large-scale civil engineering, architectural curtain wall, geological hazard management and test; at the same time involved in municipal construction, real estate, and other fields, footprints all over the country 23 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and undertake overseas projects of the Philippines. Guizhou Bridge has the qualification of first-class Engineering Procurement Construction and the first-class professional contracting for highway subgrade, bridge, tunnel, pavement, transportation, electromechanical and so on.

At the meeting, Jinggui TIAN introduced the relevant situation and related qualifications of his company, and expressed interest in the Bosnia-Herzegovina highway project.Haofang ZHAO gave a brief introduction of the Association and the basic situation of the Mostar Expressway Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hui CHEN introduced the cooperation mode, team and ongoing projects of the overseas projects of the Association. Expressed confidence in the large domestic enterprises such as Guizhou Bridge in the Bosnia-Herzegovina highway project. Two sides discussed the cooperation on the Mostar highway project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This meeting is a good start for the project cooperation between the two parties, which is significant for Chinese enterprises to enter oversea market and the international projects to be introduced to China. Panliang DU, Zeming ZHAO and  Liang GAO, representatives of member enterprise of CETEC, accompanied the reception.