Visit to the headquarters of the China Railway 23rd Group, co-consult the Croatian infrastructure project

发布日期:2020-06-01 17:06
On May 9th, Tian Baohua, deputy general manager and chief engineer of China Railway Twenty-three Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Liu Xunchun, deputy overseas department chief, and Hu Zhiyong, general manager of railway construction company visited our association. Both parties reached a preliminary intention of cooperation on Croatian and other European infrastructure projects and have since then maintained close communication.

On May 21st, Chairman Chen Hui and her visiting team arrived in the headquarters of China Railway 23rd Bureau Group Co., Ltd. in Chengdu. Xiao Hongwu, general manager and deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Tian Baohua, deputy general manager, chief engineer of China Railway 23rd Bureau Group warmly received them. The two parties launched a meeting for cooperation on the Croatian infrastructure project.

At the meeting, Tian Baohua, deputy general manager and chief engineer, warmly welcomed our delegation and invited them to have a visiting tour of its group headquarters, with the introduction of the group’s history and glorious achievements; Chen Hui, chairman of the association, introduced members of the delegation, summarized the background and current status of the project as well as the outcomes achieved by our association in Croatia and Europe. Afterwards, the two parties further discussed the details in the cooperation plan to ensure the effective promotion and implementation of the project.

Visiting tour about the development history of China Railway 23rd Bureau Group Co., Ltd.

After in-depth understanding, the two sides firmly believed that the cooperation would steadily open up the market for infrastructure construction in Croatia and various European countries, thereby effectively promoting China-EU cooperation in infrastructure construction.