Promote the cooperation between the Association and CRCC 23rd Bureau Group in regards of infrastructure construction

发布日期:2020-05-15 14:31

On May 9th , Tian Baohua, Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer of China Railway Twenty-third Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Liu Xunchun, Vice Minister of Overseas Department, and Hu Zhiyong ,General Manager of Railway Company visited our association. President Chen Hui, Secretary Zhao Haofang, Engineering Consultant Zhao Zeming, and President Assistant Qian Doudou gave them a warm reception.

China Railway Twenty-Third Bureau Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with 10 subsidiaries, 8 of which are construction companies. It led many infrastructure projects in more than 10 countries including Nigeria, Russia, UAE, Libya, and Georgia. The businesses cover design, construction, investment and financing of railways, highways, municipal utilities, housing construction, and environmental engineering projects including water resources and electric power.

At the meeting, Tian Baohua introduced the basic situation of CRCC and shared the experience of overseas projects. Afterwards, Chen Hui introduced the team, project information and cooperation methods of the committee. At the end of the meeting, the two sides showed an intention of preliminary cooperation on the Croatian railway infrastructure project and expressed their prospect for further cooperation in the future.

Picture from left to right: Liu Xunchun, Zhao Zeming, Hu Zhiyong, Tian Baohua, Chen Hui, Zhao Haofang, Qian Doudou