Inspection and cooperation meeting in Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering

发布日期:2020-05-13 16:55
On 11th May, Director Chen Hui, the Secretary-General Zhao Haofang and the representative of the Association Wang Siliang had a visit to Shanghai Kehua Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Kehua Biological", stock code: 002022.SZ) . Vice PresidentWang Ying, Chief Financial Officer Luo Fang and sales team and technology team warmly welcome our team.

Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KHB) is a Chinese IVD company that boasts a full line of medical diagnostic products.KHB has developed into a hi-tech company that integrates R&D, manufacturing and marketing business operation covering the whole industrial chain of IVD sector. Moreover, it is certificated by related department as “high-tech enterprise” which focuses on R&D innovation efforts in the core technical areas of immunodiagnosis, biochemical diagnosis, and molecular diagnosis in support of the management of hepatopathy, maternal & child health, and nephropathy.

Kehua Bio Products introduction

Vice President Wang Ying warmly welcomed Director Chen Hui and her party. The technical representative introduced series of KHB products. Until now, KHB branded products have been exported to 40 foreign countries and regions, and AIDS diagnostic reagents in-housed developed by KHB that passed WHO PQ have been listed in the purchase catalogs in many countries. It also has 200+ product registration certificates, and more than 70 CE certified reagent and instrument products. 

Chen Hui and her team visited KHB produce line

Director Chen Hui gave a introduction of our Association which include the epidemic prevention support offered for China and overseas. Under current situation, the meeting mainly focused on how to keep a balance between China-foreign culture difference and how to export the KHB good productions to overseas. Finally, Vice President Wangying invited our team to visit test kit produce line which contribute to future cooperation.

KHB and Chen Hui and her team