On 29th April, 2020, Dr. ZE Haibing, Founder of Umbrella (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Umbrella), and LI Jibai, Chairman of Shanghai Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd. visited our office. Director Chen Hui and Director of Business Development MENG Alicia and others gave them a warm reception.

Umbrella Technology is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to Outdoor Clean Energy System Solutions, big data collection and analysis, outdoor media and Internet of Things. Its core product small umbrella, which integrates clean energy, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, big data, and outdoor media. It is the world's first solar black technology outdoor sharing umbrella. This product can be powered off-grid, charge sharing, background big data, outdoor Music aromatherapy mosquito repellent, each function has great value.

Meeting in progress

Director Chen Hui introduced the forum events held in the European region and achievements made last year. Under current situation, we’re assisting the foreign governments in the procurement and donation of anti-epidemic materials such as disinfectants and ventilators from China; In order to better support the anti-epidemic, Umbrella Technology has gradually transformed into the market of temperature guns. Afterwards, the two sides launched a cooperation meeting around anti-epidemic materials and other projects.

Picture from left to right: Li Jibai, Chen Hui, Pu Haibing, Alicia Meng

Director Chen Hui has highly recognized and hoped for Umbrella Technology's intelligent technology products and anti-epidemic products. It is looking forward to reaching full cooperation in the fields of future technology, research and development, and intelligent manufacturing. After the epidemic, the two sides plan to start cooperation with Serbia in connection with new energy vehicles, gradually explore the European market.