The Chairman (Prime Minister) of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Ministerial Conference met with the Chairman of the Committee and discussed the cooperation mode

发布日期:2020-04-20 17:15
On January 16th, President Chen Hui and Vice President Dragan Cigoja of the China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation Yangtze River Delta International Trade Promotion Committee arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina (abbreviated as “BiH”) with a delegation comprised of representatives from new energy, photovoltaic power, and infrastructure industries. The chairman of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Ministerial Conference (Prime Minister) Zoran Tegeltia and others gave them a warm reception.

Prime Minister Zoran Teguerdia extended a warm welcome to our association’s visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina has established diplomatic relations with China for a long time and the two countries enjoy friendly relations. Gradually, an increasing number of Chinese companies are expanding businesses to BiH. Ya'an, vice chairman of the association first introduced members of the Chinese delegation who have a background of state-owned enterprises, ranging across industries from infrastructure to new energy and photovoltaic power. Chen Hui, chairperson of the association said that a deep understanding of the Balkan region has been formed following the first European-Yangtze River Delta Economic and Trade Forum-Serbia Forum. Since then, many docking activities have been launched. In April 2020, the associationis scheduled to host the second European-Yangtze River Delta Economic and Trade Forum-Serbia Forum in Belgrade where representatives of central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises will discuss issues of investment and cooperation. With the Balkan region as the center that radiates neighboring countries, the two sides will launch discussions on cooperation in the aspects of infrastructure construction and trade technology.

The meeting in progress (the first left is Vice President Dragan Cigoja, the second left President Chen Hui, and the third right Prime Minister Zoran Teguerdia)

President Chen Hui expressed willing of establishing an exchange and cooperation model in BiH in economic, technological and trade cooperation between the Committee and countries including Serbia and Croatia, with a focus on industrial parks, new energy projects, etc. The two sides willmaintain communications before and after the forum. It is also possible for the Committee to arrange a delegation visiting BiH during their stay in Serbia and to further implement projects with promising prospects for cooperation.It’s for sure thatwith Chinese power and connections we can assist in development in the region. 

Prime Minister Zoran Tegeltia said that he would maintain close ties with the association in the future, coordinate all relevant departments in support of and participate in the cooperation that arose from the visit of the Chinese delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Government and business representatives will be delegated to actively attend this year’s forum in Serbia.