CEATEC YRD Committee Closely Worked with Yancheng Discussed about "China-Europe Industrial Park" Cooperation

发布日期:2020-04-10 10:58

On September 27th and 28th 2019, under the coordination and organization of Director Gu Xiangyang and Vice Director Yu Yunjuan of Yancheng City Shanghai Office, Chen Hui the Presidentof CEATEC YRD Committee bringing international representatives to visit Yancheng City, together discussedcooperation of the specific China-EuropeIndustrial Park project.

City BlueprintIntroduction

The plan of China-Europe Industrial Park is to gear towards the frontiers of global technological innovation and regional development; grasps China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and the development opportunities of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt; focuses on China-Europe economic and trade exchanges and cooperation; and uses the China-Europe (Yancheng) Industrial Park as a carrier to accurately introduce Germany, Italy, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Serbia, Turkey, and other countries who have high-end and high-quality industrial resources.Itstrives to build the Park into a new highland of the Yangtze River Delta and the ‘Belt and Road’ countries featuring China-Europe cooperation.

In the meeting

The delegation was warmly received by officials in Yancheng including the Vice Mayor Jiang Wei. Together with Liu Feng the Deputy Chief Executive of Yandu District of Yancheng City, Wu Jun, the Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Yancheng High-tech Zone, Cheng Ying, the Deputy Director of the Commerce Department, Wang Lingchun, the Director of the Investment Promotion Division of the Commerce Department; officials from Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Industry and Information Technology Department, Municipal Science and Technology Department, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Department discussed and exchanged the feasibility plan of building the China-Europe Industrial Park in Yancheng. Parties reached a preliminary cooperation intention and would further refine the cooperation content and jointly promote the further development of this project.