CEATEC YRD Committee Promotes International Projects from Germany, Poland, and Finland to Cooperate with Lijin Industrial Park

发布日期:2020-04-10 10:34

On September 27, 2019, Chen Xinxian the Deputy Director and Member of the Party of the Management Committee, Xiang Xiaocheng from the Investment Promotion Department, and Lan Xiaolong from the Financial Department of the Lijin Smart Equipment High-tech Industrial Park visited CEATEC YRD Committee. President Chen Hui and Vice President Dragan Cigojawarmly received them, and have arranged project docking meetings with our Polish Representative Wojciech Bachalski (Director of Asia-Pacific Region of Bachalski Group) and Yazad Sethna theInvestment Manager of IJK Investment Group.

Left to right: Yazad Sethna, Xiang Xiaocheng, Zhao Haofang, Chen Hui, Chen Xinxian,Dragan Cigoja, Wojciech Bachalski, Lan Xiaolong

Yazad Sethnaintroduced the company's business direction, and gave a detailed overview of fuel cell projects and indoor playground projects. Wojciech Bachalskiintroduced the background of the medical device project and the company's future project development direction.

In the meeting, Dragan Cigoja mentioned other projects such as Modulight, CTT, and BioSense, expressing his willingness to help developing further cooperation. The current strength of the product, the needs of customers, the prospects of the Chinese market, and etc. have been discussed and analyzed between Lijin representatives and our Committee. The two sides together deduce the direction of cooperation, actively provide supporting service support, and reach a preliminary consensus.