China-Europe Economic and Technical Exchange Conference and Waigaoqiao Cruise Industry Briefing Conference was successfully held

发布日期:2020-03-31 15:59

On the morning of December 6th, 2019 (UTC+1), the China-EU Economic and Technical Exchange Conference and Waigaoqiao Cruise Industry Briefing Conference was successfully held in Trieste, Italy. This conference was hosted by our association. It aimed to promote bilateral economic and technological exchanges and cooperation between China and Italy. Meanwhile, this conference was supposed to promote the Expo and promoting investment promotion, it shared and dock with Italian advanced technology companies based on our cruise projects.

meeting venue

Dragan, the vice president of the China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation Yangtze River Delta International Trade Promotion Committee.Firstly, he gave a brief introduction of the China International Import Expo, the remarkable results of China-Italy cooperation in 2019, and he also invited participates to attend the China International Import Expo in the 2020. Additionly, An YA also said the Chinese market has a strong and long-term appeal to the Italy's advanced technology and high-end products. Therefore, our association preferred to choose Italy as the first station for the 2020 ECETF Forum. Moreover, our association also planned toorganize Chinese government and enterprises to visit Italy.

Subsequently, Yong XIE, CEO of Wailianfa Consulting Co., Ltd., gave an introduction of China's cruise industry projects. The rapid development of China's cruise industry is inseparable from the remarkable cooperation at the Expo in 2018: China Shipbuilding Group, Carnival Group and Fincantini Group formally signed contracts for 2 + 4 of 135,000-ton gross cruise ships, marking the cruise project Landed. However, in order to truly realize independent manufacturing, it is inevitable to develop a localized industrial chain. European cruise shipbuilding yards rely on local cruise industry parks and cruise towns, and more than 80% are local suppliers. Localization not only guarantees the stability of the supply chain, but also significantly reduces the cost of cruise manufacturing. For the implementation of this project, CSSC Cruises cooperated with Waigaoqiao Shipyard to develop a local cruise fleet and design support, and jointly promoted the construction of a supporting industrial park for cruises in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone United Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wailianfa") is a subsidiary of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Group Co., Ltd. and is the first development company in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. Relying on the advantages of the system, function, and policy innovation of the bonded zone and free trade zone, the company's park gradually gathered the traditional three pillar industries of international trade, modern logistics, and advanced manufacturing.Meanwhile, two emerging industries, namely data, research and development, The international third-party service outsourcing industry represented by auto parts and remanufacturing, which has the characteristics of scientific and technological innovation, and the expanded service industry represented by the financial service industry, have formed a "3 + 2" industrial pattern.


China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation Yangtze River Delta International Trade Promotion Committeeand Wailianfa Consulting Co., Ltd. signed cooperation memorandum, based on Shanghai, Pudong, and Waigaoqiao high-end equipment (such as cruise lines) manufacturing, supply chain support, third-party services, and other related industries cooperation and integrated development, investment in related industries and project docking between China and European countries.

Cooperation memorandum

After the conference, Xudong ZHANG on behalf of the Deputy General Manager of Wailianfa China negotiated with Mr. Roberto Dipiazza, the mayor of Trieste. Trieste is located on the northernmost tip of the Adriatic Highlands in northeastern Italy, near the border between Italy and Slovenia. The city's economy mainly relies on ports and trade with neighboring areas, and some large enterprises are also set here, such as the headquarters of Fincantieri, one of the world's leading shipbuilding companies, the Italian headquarters of Wärtsilä, and headquarters of Banca Generali, Allianz Group's Italian Headquarters, etc. In addition, there are a large number of small and medium-sized shipbuilding supporting SMEs. During the negotiation, the two sides stated that China's vigorous investment in the cruise industry has far-reaching prospects, which has significant impact on the global layout of the entire industry and will highly promote the cooperation and development between Chinese and Italian enterprises.

Chinese representative talks with the mayor