An Extraordinary Journey to Serbia

发布日期:2020-03-27 17:46
On February 26th 2020, our Office received a batch of anti-epidemic materials donated from Serbia. In order to actively support the prevention and treatment of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP), the Deputy Director Alicia, Secretary General Haofang ZHAO and Deputy Director of Investment promotion Kunren XU went to Serbiaimmediately and brought the anti-epidemic materials back.

The distance from Shanghai to Serbia is more than 8,000 kilometers, it means that a one-way flight is over 18 hours. In order to send the epidemic prevention materials to the urgently needed personnel as soon as possible, our colleagues received the epidemic prevention materials and took the return flight in no time. During this special journey(3 days), 2/3 of the time was spent on the transport.

Departure of Serbia airport

Arrival of Shanghai Pudong Airport

Hui CHEN, Director of our Office said:” Hurriedly go to Seribia was an interim decision. Since we received the message from Serbian companies, we had a discussion about how to transport these epidemic prevention materials. Considering the urgency of the materials, we finally decided to send personnel to Serbia to take the materials back.Our goal is toreduce the time of materials transport and send them to urgently needed personnelimmediately. "

Donations : Silver Sab

The new disinfectant "Silver Sab" technology was developed by Professor Tibor J. Sabo. He leaded the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade to develop the technology after a long-term research.Professor Tibor J. Sabo has won the Outstanding Research Achievement Award of the Serbian Chemical Society.In October of 2019, the "Silver Sab" disinfectant was tested by the SGS Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. (referred to as "SGS"), and the bacteriological rate was over 99%. The skin test has no irritation and toxicity to the skin.It also maintains cooperation with the World Health Organization, the Serbian National Military Medical Institution, the University Children's Hospital, the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center andShanghai Ruijin HospitalLuwan Branch.

We are one of the people who is preventing and controlling the epidemic, we would like to provide our help and help each other to against the epidemic. Based on the global NCP situation, our association urges that while waiting for “all things to recover”, never let your guard down, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention work. As the only non-profit organization in Shanghai under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China that directly engages in business promotion activities in Shanghai, we will make every effort to coordinate and help the domestic and foreign epidemic prevention materials to be accurately docked, and win the epidemic prevention war.