On 16th May, 2019, Mr. Vuk Guberinic, the CEO of Serbian electric automobile company CarGo visited China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation Shanghai (CEATEC Shanghai), being warmly welcomed by the director Ms. Chen Hui.
The Central and Eastern Europe, as a new market for entrepreneurial development, countered are mostly small and culturally diverse, which has caused many international companies such as Uber, to be unacceptable and finally withdraw from the market. At the same time, local brand rapidly emerging, and CarGo is one of them. Target markets of the company radiates to Serbia, Switzerland, and Hungary. In the future, it will continuously expand to the entire Balkan region of Europe, Italy, and Turkey. It is also one of the fastest growing companies in the past three years. With the initial €250,000 angel round of financing, the platform currently has a total of 450,000 registered users, including100,000 active users, 60,000 member card users and 450 enterprise users, working well in the capital city of 8 countries. Among them, Belgrade (the Serbian capital) was the earliest in operation, with a turnover of €43,500 in January 2018 and a turnover of €300,000 in December 2018 (the turnover of one city increased nearly seven-fold in one year). By April 2019, the monthly turnover had reached €635,000.

On the afternoon, Mr. Vuk Guberinic attended an online meeting with Mr. Emmanuel, the business development manager of Didi Global, through the project matching by CEATEC Shanghai. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the international expansion of Didi, especially its European regional expansion. Through this meeting, the two sides communicated the potential and prospects of cooperation. Mr. Vuk Guberinic expressed his willingness of finding suitable investment partners in China through the support of CEATEC Shanghai, jointly promoting the cooperation of market expansion and platform promotion. Later at the same day, Mr. Vuk Guberinic signed with Mr. Joshua Wu, Director of International Cooperation Department and Investment Partner of Silk Passage Consultancy, authorizing the CEATEC Shanghai as the agency of CarGo in China.

On 17th May, 2019, Mr. Vuk Guberinic attended the “Europe-China Economic and Trade Forum” Shanghai Summit, and further met and communicated with Ms. Chen Jingyue, the Vice President of CEATEC. Ms. Chen Jingyue made an optimistic view on the cooperation between China and Serbia, especially for the electronic vehicles, and appreciated the initiative and entrepreneurship that Mr. Vuk Guberinic decides to come to China. Mr. Vuk Guberinic said that during his visit in Shanghai, all the arrangement and docking work of CEATEC Shanghai was very professional and impressive, and he highly praised it. Besides, he hoped CEATEC and overseas partners would further strengthen such an efficient cooperation framework, and promote the development between China and EU middle- and small- innovation enterprises. Mr. Vuk Guberinic said, he was deeply touched by the development of Chinese electric vehicle industry and the automotive service sharing industry. He would like to purchase the 2-seat and 4-seat small electric vehicles in China. Ms. Chen Jingyue invited Mr. Vuk Guberinic to come to Shanghai again during the 2019 CIIE, participate in more events, and communicate with more car companies via CEATEC.

At 2pm on 17th, Ms Sapphire Tang, the Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department of CEATEC Shanghai and the partner of Silk Passage Business Consultancy, with Mr. Vuk Guberinic, the CEO of CarGo, visited Alibaba’s Banma Network Technology Co., Ltd. Banma is a company providing smart solutions for the automobiles. Mr. Yan Zhu, the Vice President, Mr. Ji Donghui, the chief of Strategic Planning, and Ms. Yang Chaoyue led the discussion with Ms. Sapphire Tang and Mr. Vuk Guberinic.

Mr. Yan Zhu personally operated and displayed Banma’s internet car intelligent platform and system - ‘Banma Zhixing’ in the car. Afterwards, he introduced the history, development status, and awards of Banma. Finally, the two sides discussed topics on Smart Travel, AR Technology, Automatic Cruise Detection, Internet Car Platform, and etc. Mr. Vuk Guberinic and Mr. Yan Zhu shared their existing business models, and expressed their willingness to further cooperate.

On the night, Mr. Vuk Guberinic, Ms. Chen Jingyue, Ms. Chen Hui, and their entourage boarded on the yacht traveling the Huangpu River, experiencing Chinese kindly hospitality, exploring the resplendent night view of Shanghai.

On 18th, Mr. Joshua Wu and Ms. Sapphire Tang hosted an afternoon tea meeting with Mr. Vuk Guberinic, with the Perfect view from Shanghai Global Financial Center. They exchanged the feedbacks of the meetings during these days and insights of ride sharing industry in China, Mr. Vuk Guberinic also shared about the further needs for the cooperation of CarGo with other Chinese companies.

Through this meeting, our CEATEC Shanghai will continuously promote the communication and cooperation between CarGo and Chinese investors. We also expected for its outstanding performance on Internet Automobile and Smart Travel.